Unashamedly fine, filigree and feminine, Brigitte Adolph remains a firm favourite of our DesignYard customers. Brigitte's delicate lace-like designs in silver and gold lend themselves to bridal wear - the kind that you will come back to time and again well after your special day.

Brigitte designs and makes all of her jewellery in her studio in Weingarten near Karlsruhe. She's developed her own process to make the lacy elements which is her closely guarded trade secret.

As the daughter of a goldsmith, and granddaughter of a watchmaker, she is passionate about jewellery and destined to become a designer. She trained as a goldsmith and while studying jewellery design she used her grandmothers old lace as the focus of a memories project.

"I fell in love with the ornamental feel of lace and its fluid, romantic, feminine look"

Brigitte is enchanted by the beauty of lace fabrics from all over the world - be it old or new, from flea markets or luxury boutiques. With a keen eye for fashion she develops wonderfully authentic and contemporary designs.

Brigitte particularly loves the juxtaposition of the delicate appearance of her lace jewellery with the solid feel of the silver and gold. She works in yellow, rose, and white gold, as well as silver and rhodonized silver.

We asked her a few questions and here's what she had to say about her work:

"Creating jewellery is a fascinating microcosm. I can be a designer and at the same time be a manufacturer. The entire process takes place in the smallest of spaces and on a tiny scale. It is very intimate, delicate work and requires concentration and dedication."

"What I particularly like about my job as a jewellery designer is the mix of craft and creativity. When designing new pieces, the ideas flow through my hands into the workpiece. The design takes a direct route - without going through the head. That's why it's not possible for me to separate craft and design from one another."

"I have been following my own consistent path with my jewellery collection for years. The focus is always on lace, which, in its diversity, serves as my inspiration. My absolute favourites remain the Turandot earrings and necklace - they're available at DesignYard in 18 karat white gold. I am also very excited by my luxurious wedding rings that wrap around the finger like spun gold. Going into the festive season I think the Figaro necklace and earrings are prefect - they work well with your party wear (as well as your classics), whilst making an extravagant statement."

"My greatest seduction is the gem dealer. A display of his collection is more dangerous than any shoe shop. And more expensive. If I could I would buy everything that nature has to offer in all its fascinating colours and shapes!"

We hope you enjoyed your look into Brigitte's world. She's sent us quite a lot of new work and we'd be delighted to show you her latest creations. Whether you're looking for a superb gift, or something to wear for your special occasion, book your appointment to see more of Brigitte's work in person.

November 23, 2020 — Nicole van der Wolf