Our top tips for investing in jewellery appeared in Irish Country Magazine November edition, alongside Ruth O'Connors article "Joy of Jewellery".

Here is the unedited list straight from the horses mouth:

The beauty of buying jewellery as an investment is that you get to enjoy it while you have it. But when buying for investment you need to be thinking about selling the piece or its resale value. Here are our top tips for making your jewellery investment purchase:

  • Buy precious metals like gold and platinum - they best hold their value and are internationally recognized, so you can sell anywhere.
  • Make sure your metals are hallmarked - it is a quality assurance that will help when you come to sell. It is possible to test the metal at a later stage, but not without damaging the jewellery.
  • When buying diamonds, quality is very important. Look for colour H or better, and clarity VS2 or better as these are most sought after.
  • For diamonds over 0.50ct it is worthwhile having a grading certificate from a reputable laboratory like GIA or HRD.
  • Ask for a valuation with your jewellery purchase that identifies the metals, gems, quality and carat weight of the gems.
  • Look for contemporary classic designs that will stand the test of time.
  • Provenance is important when selling your jewellery so check that the piece is marked with the brand or makers mark.
  • If you're interested in coloured gems keep an eye out for Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds as they are well understood and easy to sell. Check what treatments have been applied to the gems. Untreated gems come at a premium and it is best to have a certificate for these.
  • There are many interesting investment opportunities at auction or antique's dealers, but bear in mind that pre-loved jewellery has likely seen a lifetime of wear before you look at it. The auctioneer or dealer will be able to help, but there's no harm in bringing a knowledgeable friend to assess the state of the piece before you decide on your purchase.

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December 24, 2020 — Nicole van der Wolf