Catch up with Pigsy and his latest art work in our exclusive online exhibition. Presenting "Seven Spanish Angels" works created in his Malaga studio.

Show opens 28 November at 6pm , closes 12 December 12am.

Preview 27 November 2020 at 6pm
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Pigsy's work is raw and expressive - with an urban almost grafitti-like feel and the only limit to his artistic work is the size of his canvas. His intensely layered paintings rely on naive symbols and words to convey his messages. For Pigsy it is all about bringing his ideas and thoughts to the light. We love the dynamic nature of his highly engaging paintings - somehow every time you look at his work a different element pops out at you.

"I like to be able to express myself freely in a fast free-flowing loose way – I really like the imperfection of the process" - Ciarán McCoy

An architect by profession, Ciarán McCoy's paints under his artistic name Pigsy. He became an architect though sheer determination and despite his dyslexia. Painting is the perfect outlet for his daily struggle with the rigor of his chosen profession. It is where he can express himself freely, releasing the tangle of words in his head, unhindered by rules and norms of architecture and traditional art forms alike.

Tá Tá Tá Táim - original art by Pigsy

Pigsy's eclectic use of materials is an extension of this freedom of expression. He uses a range of media including everyday household acrylic paint, chalk, oil sticks,  acrylic sticks, oil paint, spray paint, charcoal  and any other medium that feels right at the time of painting. Watch the video to learn more about this artistic process.

At DesignYard we are delighted to show you Pigsy's latest body of work called "Seven Spanish Angels".

This exclusive online exhibition will be live on our website
from 6PM on November 28 to 12AM on December 12, 2020.

There is an option to preview his work on November 27 at 6PM.
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Work ships from Malaga with FREE worldwide shipping.

November 23, 2020 — Nicole van der Wolf