Platinum Artist 11 Diamond Necklace


This piece is currently made to order with a 5 week lead-time.

The classic Niessing coil necklace artfully balancing a spray of eleven diamonds - classic and modern, minimalist and magical all at once.

An exceptional necklace, full of joy and magic. Niessing Artist makes 11 delicate diamonds dance on the Niessing Coil (1.2mm) in a stunning balancing act that is infused with artistic ease and grace. Available in platinum and in all Niessing Colours of gold, Niessing Artist draws all attention to the pure beauty of the sparkling diamonds.

In this version, the 11 diamonds gracefully dance on the platinum Niessing Coil like sparkling spots of light that follow their very own enchanting rhythm. Let the dancing diamonds work their spell on you! The Artist attachment containing the diamonds can simply be clipped off or clipped on anytime you want to add a little sparkle to your Niessing Coil

This piece is currently made to order with a 5 week lead time from time of ordering.