The sun is back and we're all dreaming of swanning about in out frilly dresses this summer. Why not pair your dainty dresses with some of our exquisite Vintage Design jewellery - we think it's perfect fit for those summer soirées that are bound to be coming our way. You can of course come see them in person - simply click here to book an appointment.

It might seem an unusual addition to our contemporary jewellery collection, but if you think about it it actually makes perfect sense! As we scour the world looking for the best contemporary jewellery design, we often come across exquisite pieces from times gone by - avant-garde designs in their day, but as we soon discovered no less relevant today.

We simply love seeing the exquisite craftsmanship and changing design ideas across different periods. It is wonderful to see how advances in technology, but also societal and cultural changes put their stamp on jewellery design over the years. It puts history in an entirely new light and it is fascinating to see the connection between the vintage originals and our current contemporary jewellery collection.

We’ve had a great response to the spectacular period pieces in the upcoming European fine jewellery auction at Gormley's Auctions (September 29 at 7:30PM). The auction contains only a small part of our vintage design collection and you will find more on our website under Vintage Design. We’d be delighted to show you the pieces in person and chat about jewellery old and new - simply book an appointment to view the vintage design collection.

September 23, 2020 — Nicole van der Wolf