Those lucky enough to be born in September have the beautiful sapphire as their birthstone and this opens a kaleidoscope of colours to choose from!

Most of you will have heard of blue sapphires - like the breathtaking 12 carat blue sapphire in Kate Middleton’s spectacular engagement ring and you may even know that sapphires come in different shades of blue ranging from baby blue, through cornflower blue, to deep dark inky blue.

Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring DesignYard
Duchess of Cambridge's Sapphire Engagement Ring

But did you know that sapphires also come in almost every other colour of the rainbow? Clear white sapphires were often used in antique jewellery as an alternative to diamonds, a trend which continues today. The famous orangy-pink padparadscha sapphires, treasured by Indian Moghuls, recently returned to popularity after appearing in Princess Eugenie’s exquisite sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

Princess Eugenie's Sapphire Engagement Ring DesignYard
Princess Eugenie's Sapphire Engagement Ring

But you will also find sapphires almost every other colour- spectacular yellows, oranges, pinks, purples, blues, greens, browns and even black. So no matter what your favourite colour, there’s a colour of sapphire for every taste, mood and preference.

Shades of Sapphires DesignYard

When shopping for a piece of sapphire jewellery you will soon recognise a well cut sapphire. It is not only a beautiful colour but it also has a lively sparkle too. Finally the great news is sapphires are also very hard wearing. This characteristic makes sapphires suitable for all types of jewellery.

For something truly special pop in to DesignYard to have a look at Mark Nuell’s work first hand. He expertly selects his rough gems and sapphires directly at the mine and cuts his gemstones by hand into freeform shapes. With the interesting stones he finds no two pieces are alike and the dept of colour is extraordinary. We also have a large selection of other handmade sapphire jewellery (engagement rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets) of varying cuts and colours in DesignYard - to view some of our other beautiful sapphire jewellery online click HERE or pop in to 25 South Frederick, Dublin 2 to see more.

Wishing all the September babies, a wonderful birthday.

The DesignYard Team.

September 11, 2019 — Information