“We love the sun-kissed colour of August babies’ birthstone – Peridot.

Similar to diamonds, this yellow-green gem is formed deep in the earth’s mantle and comes to the surface through volcanic action at different points across the globe. The earliest finds we know of were in Egypt and it is rumoured to be Cleopatra’s favourite gem. One look at this cheerful green gem and you’ll see why.

The bright green gem is also known as “evening emerald” and in ancient times, it was often confused with the better know green emerald. Large strongly coloured Peridot is rare and commands quite a price. Most quality Peridot is found in sizes smaller than 2 carats and as it is not a hugely well-known gem prices are quite reasonable.

For any of you Start Trek fans – some peridot is also found in meteorites! Though it rarely produces gem-quality Peridot, it makes for some spacey cufflinks or out of this world amulets.”

Here are some of our beautiful pieces with Peridot in DesignYard.

August 27, 2019 — Information