Duncan Stewart is awarded Freedom of Dublin for his tireless work in the field of environmental campaigning. The Lord Mayor, Caroline Conroy, selected a gorgeous bog oak sculpture from our collection by Irish sculptor Tony Downey to use for the award.

Tony's work in 400 year old bog oak is immensely popular with DesignYard customers over the years. Unfortunatley his recent passing means the collection's days are numbered. We're delighted one of his stunning pieces was selected for this award as the material and Tony's own ethos are so fitting for the purpose and the recipient.


Grace bog oak scultpture by Toney Downey at Designyard Contemporary jewellery gallery dublin Ireland


The Freedom of Dublin is the highest Civic honour Dublin City can bestow. Recipients become Honorary Citizens of the city. It earns them the right to bring goods into Dublin without paying Customs duties, and the right to pasture sheep in common ground including St. Stephen's Green! It also brings with it the obligation to defend Dublin city from attack, and they can be called up on short notice and are expected to have their own sword, bow, and coat of mail. The selection process starts with a nomination by the Lord Mayor. The nomination must them be ratified by majority vote by Dublin City Council.

Dublin environmentalist Duncan Stewart (75) hosted the RTE show Eco Eye for 20 years. Despite his fame, he remains humble. In response to his nomination he said: "When the Lord Mayor called me and asked me would I accept a nomination for the award I was really shocked and certainly very honoured ... Really I don't deserve it, but certainly when I see Greta Thunberg also on the platform I feel very proud because I have such great admiration for her and all the incredible work she's doing for our young generation."

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg (20) was also awarded Freedom of Dublin for her tireless work in the field of environmental campaigning. The Lord Mayor selected a striking nature-inspired drop pendant handmade by Irish jeweller Shimara Carlow who hails from West Cork. Ms Thunberg wasn't able to attend in person and Jessica Dunne and Sumaya Ahmed, both from the youth climate strike movement in Ireland, spoke on her behalf.


Model wears Shimara Carlow gumnut leaf pendant at desingyard contemaporary jeewllery gallery dublin ireland


We hope both nominees enjoy the awards selected by the Lord Mayor.

Would you like to see work by Tony Downey or Shimara Carlow or maybe you have an award to confer? Book your appointment to discuss options here.

Model wears Schimara Carlow Gumnut leaf neckalce at designyard contemporary jewellery gallery Dublin Ireland
June 26, 2023 — Ronan Campbell