For the perfect gift in July have a look at our gorgeous ruby jewellery. Ranging from contemporary to vintage design, from cheerful red cabochons to simply exquisite one of a kind pieces, you're sure to find the perfect gift to mark your special event this month.

Cassie McCann 18k Yellow Gold Sri Lankan Ruby Pearl Eos Earrings
Sam Lafford Platinum Diamond Ruby Spider Cobweb Brooch
Catherine Mannheim 18k Yellow Gold Ruby Moonstone Necklace
Josephine Bergsoe 18k 22k Yellow Gold Large Ruby Pear Diamond Ring

We invite you to get creative with the theme. As the name Ruby is derived from the latin word Ruber, which means red, you could easily look at some of our red jewellery. For example Monika Jacubek’s gold and red resin cone ring is a great option for a lady with a taste for the contemporary.

Monica Jacubek  18k Yellow Gold Red Resin Cone Ring

Wear it on its own or pair it with matching earrings or a necklace:

Monica Jacubek Sterling Silver Pink Extra Long Necklace

Historically red spinel was often mistaken for ruby and many of the British crown jewels sport red spinel. Have a look at Sophia Epp's delicate red spinel earrings and matching ruby necklace.


Monica Jacubek 18k yellow gold silver red spinel circle earrings


Jean Scott Moncrieff 18k Yellow Gold Pink Spinel Necklace

Eric Urbschat makes this very attractive and festive necklace with interlinking circles made in iron and accented with bright red lacquer dots

Erik Urbschat Iron Red Dot 3 Necklace

And Ursula Mullers cheerful red anodised aluminium work is perfect for everyday - well worth considering for the more practically minded.

Ursula Muller Red Aluminium Roller Earrings
Ursula Muller Red Roller bracelet

We've loads more ideas - so have a look online at our collection of ruby jewellery or venture out and browse our red jewellery and artwork. Or book your appointment to view in person:

July 06, 2023 — Nicole van der Wolf