Forget mass production and conventional designs, Bergsøe Jewellery tells stories without using words. Crafted by hand, like music made from gold, with nature as the conductor. These unspoken stories are what the 50 year old Jeweller loves about jewellery.
Josephine Bergsoe at designyard contemporary jewellery gallery dublin ireland

Josephine Bergsøe is a true artist, creating breathtaking fairytales with her exclusive designer jewellery. Her wearable pieces have been displayed in museums of design in Denmark, New York, Berlin, Moscow, Amsterdam, Beijing and Stockholm and have adorned many a Royal and Hollywood Star. We took some time out and sat down with the talented Josephine to hear more about her, her exciting career and creative journey.



Sapphire & 22k gold leaf necklace on oxidised silver chain
Rose cut ruby ring by Josephine Bergsoe at designyard contemporary jewellery gallery dublin ireland


- Why did you choose to become a jewellery designer?

There was never another option, I made jewellery long before I became an expert, but having the education, and being a craftsman makes my work-life so much more blissful.

- Describe the design DNA of Bergsøe Jewellery?
All my jewelry is made by hand in my workshop in Copenhagen. It is made from precious materials. It is organic and asymmetric, never naturalistic. The pieces are small abstractions, or fragments of impressions.


Josephine Bergsoe gold Keshi pearl diamond Storm single earring
Keshi pearl and ruby seafire single earring


- Describe a perfect day for you?
I try to make every precious day perfect – but a day without public transportation certainly improves my effort.

- Do you have a crazy habit?
My life is a crazy habit, but I do normal things like breathe and answer my phone.

- What is your guilty pleasure?
Using my time, making stuff that is – in the end – not REALLY making the world a better place – but for me…

- What is your must-have jewellery?
Right now, my Bonoculo, it’s a wannabe loup, and I made it 8 years ago, for a friend when we discovered how our eye-sight increasingly turned worse after the age of 40. So I wanted to give something decadent and governess-like to make the loss of sight bearable. But actually all my pieces are more or less must-have periodically…



Silver gold and diamond bonoculo necklace by josephine bergsoe at designyard contemporary jewellery gallery dublin ireland


- Do you have something you can’t live without?
No – and I know that for a fact.

- What would your occupation be if you weren’t a jewellery designer
Explorer!!!! But even that I can be in my field.

- What is your biggest achievement in your jewellery career?
Getting my apprenticeship-diploma. I’m very very grateful for that. That is a long time ago, and luckily there has been a ongoing series af wonderful moments.

Jeweller to the stars 

Bergsøe has been commissioned to make jewellery for the Royal family of Denmark and has an array of exclusive international clients involving; Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock, Meryl Streep, Jeremy Irons and Glenn Close. The stunning Elizabeth Debicki from The Night Manager also wears Bergsøe exquisite pieces and just recently Susanne Bier, who has an exquisite taste in jewelry and the wonderfully talented Sandra Bullock both wore Bergsøe pieces at the premier of their new film 'Birdbox'.

Halle Berry ring by josephine bergsoe at designyard contemporary jewellery gallery dublin ireland



We hope you enjoyed our little insight into Josephine and her world. We are so happy to have Josephine's collection here in DesignYard. To see more of Bergsøe’s magical universe click here.

March 19, 2019 — Information