As the fog of winter lifts, our thoughts are starting to turn to the azure blues of the summer skies and sunny beaches. Maybe that is why the gorgeous blue aquamarine is the March birthstone.

Legend says Neptune - the King of the Sea - gave aquamarine as gifts to the Mermaids. And the gem has been worn as a talisman since ancient times by seafarers for safe passage. It is also said to encourage clarity and understanding between people, give its wearer courage and inspire creativity. No surprise that it is the gem for the 19th wedding anniversary and is also a firm favourite for engagements.

Traditionally the best quality aquamarines are found in Brazil, though more recently Mozambique is producing aquamarines to rival Brazil’s top quality Santa Maria aquamarines. This stunning blue gem is frequently found in large clear crystals making it perfect for cocktail rings, amulets and designer gems and carvings.

At DesignYard we have a curated collection of aquamarine jewellery, from classic cut gems with diamonds through to contemporary compositions of cabochon cuts set in gold, you are sure to find something special. Book your appointment to see the collection in person.

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March 01, 2023 — Information