Whether it’s the piece you bought with your first paycheck, a gift you received for a significant life moment, or something you inherited from a cherished family member, you are sure to have a box of memories that you hold dear but don’t wear.

Did you know that it is possible to combine all those pieces to make something you would wear every day - so that you can bring all those memories with you as you create more?

At DesignYard we are experts at reworking your jewellery into timeless new bangles, pendants, or rings for you to wear every day.

We can often use your gems to accent the new piece so that nothing goes to waste.

Have we got you thinking about making a bespoke piece? Contact us with any questions you may have we are happy to guide you through the process. Or continue reading for an explanation of how it works:

1. Gather your gold

Start by collecting all of your jewellery that you would like to use for this bespoke piece. Have a good root around and also bring in any broken chains, single earrings, squished rings, and any other bits and pieces you no longer wear - you’d be surprised how quickly it adds up!

2. Imagine your dream piece

Gather your thoughts on what style and finish or design details you would like to include - feel free to bring in images or artefacts to help clarify your ideas.

3. Book an appointment

Book an appointment and bring in all your gold and design ideas. We'll have a chat about your desires and we will evaluate your jewellery to see what is suitable for your bespoke piece.

4. Quotation

Some projects are quick and are ready to start after a simple email interchange. Other projects are a bit more complex and you can expect a few emails or meetings over and back while we determine the final design with you.

Once the details are clear, we will also provide you with a quote for the work. In the quotation we will:

  • Clarify the proposed design for you to sign off
  • Indicate the fees for the bespoke piece
  • Outline what materials we can use and what we need to add. You will also be offered the option to scrap any materials we can’t use and put the value towards the budget.
  • Provide a time estimate for when we expect to have your piece ready.

5. Collect your new piece

Once you agree to the design and budget, we get busy making your bespoke piece. Depending on the project this may take up to 6 weeks or less a specified in your quote. We will keep you up to date in the event of any changes and will contact you as soon as it is ready for collection.

Are you ready to get started? We cant wait to hear what you dream up! Contact us with any remaining questions or to book an appointment.

February 01, 2024 — Nicole van der Wolf

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