Often a favourite piece holds significance because it was gifted by a special person in your life. Or maybe it has heartfelt meaning for the event it celebrates. But it could be as simple as a distinct statement of personal style. As you can see cherished jewellery is by its very nature personal. So if you're looking to surprise her with a memorable gift, jewellery is a great place to start. We have a few tips for making that piece carry special significance - something she will treasure and wear for many years to come.


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Personalise it with an inscription.

Inscriptions add a little personal mystery to a piece - a dear little secret for the wearer to know and hold close for a lifetime. This can be a simple and subtle as a meaningful date or phrase engraved on the inside (or reverse) of the piece, as is often seen in wedding bands. Alternatively make the message part of the piece - use it as a decorative element standing proudly on display - i.e. stamped, embossed or engraved messages on the surface of the piece. Popular examples that stand the test of time are coin sized pendants with an initial or name engraved. But we've also seen whole phrases engraved on the outside of a bangle, the script looking like an organic pattern, until closer inspection reveals the message.


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Connect it to an important life event

From significant birthdays and anniversaries, to graduations, promotions, and other life achievements, there are plenty moments in life that deserves remembering with a lasting gift - and jewellery is an increasingly popular option. One way to add personal meaning to your jewellery gift is to include a gem that represents the month in which it takes place, or her zodiac sign.
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This can be as subtle as adding a small gem to the piece, maybe on the inside of a band or as a small design element. Of course you can step it up and make the gem the main focus of the piece too. You can take inspiration from the charts below.


As an alternative, consider incorporating any of the many traditional anniversary gift ideas. For example for a paper anniversary (1st year), pick a piece that somehow includes an element of paper - it could be paper texture embossed on the surface, or a locket containing a small scroll of paper with a personal message.

Model wears atelier luz 18k yellow gold porcelain cloud earrings necklace designyard contemporary jewellery gallery dublin ireland
Similarly, the wood-like patterns of Mokume-gane and some Damascus steel can be perfect for a 5th anniversary. Have look at this list and get creative - or contact us to help find an original way of including a personal element.


Personalise it to her pursuits or personality

Think of her favourite activities or characteristics. Is she a waterbaby - add an aquamarine, coordinates of her favourite swimspot or a wave pattern to the piece. For your favourite mountain goat think of a forest green emerald or earthy tourmaline.

Is it her bubbly personality that sees her thought tough times? Consider a piece with granulation or circles to celebrate her optimism and resilience. Whether she is an extroverted lover of colour or a has a more pensive and distinct sense of style - you'll likely find the perfect statement piece to complement the stylish lady at Designyard.


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October 17, 2023 — Ronan Campbell