Many of our customers enjoy browsing our website and selecting the perfect gift and maybe even popping in for a viewing before purchasing. But sometimes choosing a gift for someone special can be tricky. The DesignYard Gift Card is the perfect solution. Give the gift of something beautiful and leave the choice to the recipient - failproof!

Simply order your DesignYard Gift Card on our website and have it delivered straight to their email inbox. They can use the card right away, there are no hidden charges and the card does not expire or devalue over time. The gift card may be used with any of our products and services - online as well as in the gallery.

Make your gift extra special with the option of including your very own personal message.


The DesignYard Gift Card is a quick, simple, and always well-received gift. And your special person gets to have all the fun of shopping for exactly what they want!


September 24, 2020 — Nicole van der Wolf