We've been selling these gorgeous embossed notebooks for a little over a year now and they are popular with customers like yourself. So we figured it is about time we properly introduced you to the maker: Leuchtturm1917 - designers and makers of premium stationery.

Leuchtturm1917 is a family run business, based in Hamburg, that has been making high-quality stationery since 1917. Now in its fourth generation, Leuchtturm has over 90 years of experience in consistently producing quality stationery. At Leuchtturm they are convinced that it's the small details that make a big difference.

Leuchtturm1917 firmly believes that success stems from quality and well-considered details - a philosophy that certainly shines through in these colourful notebooks. Thread bound, with a lush embossed cover, and using high ink capacity, acid-free paper, these dotted notebooks come with a number of features that we feel puts them streets ahead of the rest:

  • Each notebook comes with numbered pages, and an empty table of contents making it easy for you to organize your notes.
  • They’ve also included two page-markers so you can quickly find where you left off.
  • At the back, there is a section of perforated pages just in case you want to share a note with someone else.

  • You'll find a pocket which is handy for storing receipts, mementos, or little pieces of inspiration you find as you go about your day.
  • And there’s a set of self-adhesive labels you can use to help archive your notebook once it is full.
  • We also love that each individual notebook is checked, stamped, and signed off by a real person!
People use notebooks for so many different purposes. Perhaps you use your notebook as a personal journal to gather your most intimate thoughts. Maybe yours is a visual diary for recording your artistic ideas and inspiration. Or it could simply be the place you jot down to-do lists and business notes in comfort and style.

Whichever way it works for you, we adore Leuchttrum1917's focus on quality and the little things, creating a luxurious and welcoming place to gather your thoughts - they really understand that your ideas and notes are important to you, long after you’ve put them on paper. We sincerely hope your purchase brings you a lifetime of happy memories and that your notebook proves good company on your journey!

July 23, 2020 — Nicole van der Wolf