May sees many students put their heads down and hit the books in preparation for the upcoming exam season in June. The nature of exams is that they are only a snapshot of the students ability on the day, so you only get one chance. Unfortunately the results are so important for the students’ next step that both superachievers and eternal procrastinators find themselves under pressure - sometimes with detrimental effects on physical and mental health.


It is important to keep an even keel and there are many strategies to help with this - sleep, mediation and exercise are musts, but with little time on hand often go by the wayside in the final crunch. In challenging times we reach for comfort and support from loved ones. We find many of our customers reach for comforting tactile or kinetic jewellery. These pieces help ground the wearer by reminding them of the people that are rooting for them, and the sheer act of touch can help focus and dissipate anxiety.

What makes a piece of jewellery suitable as a study aid?

Size & Heft 

Oftentimes the sheer size or weight of the piece brings comfort to the wearer, helping steady nerves and find their flow. For example Sara Herriot’s hefty pebble-like pendant lies comfortably in the hand much like a worry stone. Or her large rings are comforting objects to hold. 


Model wears Fish button pendant by Sarah Herriot


The escalator ring by Sarah Herriot makes a satisfyingly tactile ring and object.

The interesting texture of Vaneessa Ree’s satisfyingly hefty 3D hashtags are also great for enhancing mindfulness and presence. #success anyone?


Model wears large oxidised silver 3D Hashtag by Vanessa Ree at designyard contemporary jewellery gallery dublin ireland
Model wears 9k gold 3D Hastag by Vanessa Ree at designyard contemporary jewellery gallery dublin ireland



Other pieces incorporate movement to engage the senses and help focus the mind. Pieces like Nicole van der Wolf’s kinetic ShipShape range have a sliding element which moves over and back as you rock the cage from side to side.

Model wears shipshape ring by Nicole van der Wolf at designyard contemporary jewellery gallery dubin ireland


Model wears Aquamarine ShipShape Kinetic necklace by Nicole van der Wolf at designyard contemporary jewllery gallery dublin ireland


Manu’s orbit ring is composed of a comfortable wide band set with three revolving bands. The smooth repetitive movement of these pieces creates a physical outlet for restless energy, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

Manu - Sterling Silver 22k Yellow Gold Bi-Metal Diamond Orbit Ring - DESIGNYARD, Dublin Ireland.Kardan ring by erik urbschat

A chunky chain can also be a great one for touch, scrunching up or otherwise manipulating to reduce stress and help you keep your head calm during stressful times.

Long 9k gold chain and Fob from our vintage collection 

A Talisman for the future

The beauty of our tactile jewellery is that it combines elegance with purpose. Versatile pieces like these have a long-lasting impact - besides helping in the heat of the moment, they become talismans for the future, helping the wearer with many a challenge ahead.

So as you get ready for the upcoming exam season consider a piece of tactile jewelry to help get you through your studies and exams and in fact your life-journey ahead. Book an appointment to explore our collection of smart tactile jewellery.



May 27, 2024 — Ronan Campbell