Since the late 1970s, Simon and his team have made jewellery for some of the most iconic names in fashion. Their jewellery has a strong following with stars from the world of film and fashion. It features extensively on the red carpet and in key publications worldwide.

Rita Ora in Ice Flow, Hannah, Caddis and Lauren by Simon Harris at DesignYard Rita Ora wears Simon Harris' Ice Flow, Hannah, Caddis and Lauren for MTV Awards

Simon’s collections are created in his Central London studio, with extraordinary attention to detail. Movement is a key feature of each collection, giving the jewellery a sense of life, whilst hidden details add an element of joy and surprise for the wearer. This is what drives the unique aesthetic of the Simon Harrison collection, and shows the level of passion and creativity.

A big part of the appeal of Simon’s jewellery is his ability to translate classic stories into emblematic statement jewellery. These stories share common themes that transcend cultural differences. From classic mythology, fairy tales to childhood memories, narrative is woven into design to trigger deep emotional connections. Like jewellery, stories get passed down through generations. This is why the art of storytelling is at the heart of every piece they create.

Every story is developed into a collection concept which then leads onto the design and development process. Skilled craftsmanship and meticulous hand work is at the heart of developing each piece. Simon’s innovative approach to design uses a blend of traditional techniques and modern technology. The team uses a combination of high quality Swarovski crystals, expert hand enamelling techniques and CVD gold plating to create durable pieces that can be worn for a lifetime and passed down generations.

simon harrison blue coral chain bracelet at designyard

Their bold and intricate jewellery often serves as a conversation starter - an element of intrigue that can break the ice between strangers and form the start of new relationships. It also gives the viewer a peek into your personality. Even when wearing a simple black dress, a Simon Harrison piece is a nod to your rebellious and creative side, a shining glint of individuality in an often monotonous world. Book your appointment to see the Simon Harrison collection at DesignYard.

May 01, 2021 — Nicole van der Wolf