At DesignYard we are excited to use recycled gold in our in-house designs. We feel it's important to contribute to reducing the environmental impact of gold mining and helping make the world's gold supplies last.

We also find our customers are happier when they have a valuable way to dispose of their old jewellery. They say it makes you feel good to find a new purpose for your old pieces and that they get more enjoyment from the jewellery they love.

At the moment gold prices are high, so it is a great time to put your unloved or unwanted gold jewellery to work for you. We've designed a spectacular Recycle Your Gold offer that we think you'll love. Here's a quick rundown:
    • Gather up any gold jewellery that you no longer wear or want. This can be complete jewellery, but also include your broken chains, single earrings and other bits and bobs that are cluttering up your jewellery box.

    • Hand your gold in to us and we will issue you a DesignYard Gift Card for the value of your gold. It is an absolute steal, as we're offering the full industry trade-in rates, which is likely to be twice what most gold-for-cash places offer.

    • There is no pressure to use your credit right away as the DesignYard Gift Card does not expire. It can be used towards both jewellery and art purchased from DesignYard, at your leisure.


The Recycle-Your-Gold offer can be arranged from the comfort of your home and is free of obligation or charges.
    1. Book an appointment to bring in your old gold, or contact us to arrange collection by courier.

    2. Our team will carefully analyse your jewellery for its gold content. This can take up to 48 hours, depending on whether the jewellery has legible hallmarks or requires further testing.

    3. You will receive your offer by email, once analysis is complete. You have 5 days to decide to accept the offer.

    4. To accept simply respond to the our email. We will issue your DesignYard gift voucher by email.

Tip: We can issue the gift voucher in any name of your choice - it's a great way to give a gift to a deserving friend or family member.

Note that there is no obligation or charges, so you can also decide to keep your gold at any point.

We're happy to answer any questions you may have and look forward to helping you get the most from your old jewellery.
May 20, 2021 — Nicole van der Wolf