At DesignYard we are delighted to support both established and emerging artists, designers, and makers. In support of the recent Made Local campaign and our vibrant local craft community, we would like to highlight some of the exceptional Irish talent available from DesignYard. Continue reading to find out about the campaign and a selection of Irish artists in our collection.

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Writer and actress Amy Huberman said it best:

Our country is full of some of the most talented designers and craftspeople in the world and we are so lucky to have such beautiful produce right here on this island. We would like to encourage consumers to think before they shop and give our local makers a chance to thrive over the coming months.

Made Local - you can own it is the DCCI’s summer campaign to remind consumers holidaying in Ireland this year of the products available from Irish makers and designers across the country.

Whether you want to own it, or gift it, you can feel good about supporting small local businesses, skilled designers, makers, and artists that add to our rich and diverse culture of craft excellence.

August 18, 2020 — Nicole van der Wolf