Lab-grown diamonds have been around for years, and we have continuously rejected them as a viable alternative to the real thing. But recently we're finding top-colour and good clarity gems that really cannot be distinguished by eye from their natural counterparts, oh wait - except for the price! Unlike other diamond simulants, no one will be able to tell it's lab grown as you need specialized lab equipment for that. You will however stun everyone one with one impressive diamond engagement ring.

We do caveat this however, lab grown diamonds have continued to come down in price year on year, while good quality naturals continue to increase in value. So who is to say what it will be worth in the future we simply cannot advise on this but we can advise on the stones beauty... That aside they are a really good option if you really want that amazing two carat but do not have €25-€30k down the back of the couch...

DesignYard has exclusively partnered with Europe’s leading manufacturer of ethically produced laboratory-grown diamonds, which means we have the largest selection of the highest quality laboratory-grown diamonds available in all shapes and sizes and including yellows, pinks & blues in Ireland.

A lab grown diamond is the same as diamond in every respect of the word - it is the same chemical and structural composition and has all the same characteristics of fire, brilliance and scintillation you have become accustomed to in a natural diamond. The only way to tell the difference between these lab grown diamonds from a natural is by testing in a laboratory setting with highly specialized equipment. (Find out more about it on the GIA website)

Lab grown diamonds are entirely traceable to the source and are guaranteed 100% conflict free. Lab grown diamonds are produced with dramatically less impact on the environment than natural diamond mining techniques. All of our lab grown diamonds come with diamond certificates, so you know exactly what you're buying.

It seemed only fitting to pair these ethical diamonds with Fair Trade Gold - a global standard supporting artisanal and small-scale mines which produce 90% or the worlds gold. Fair trade gold tackles unfair pay and dangerous working conditions. It has strict requirements on health and safety, handling chemicals and environmental protection. Workers in Fairtrade certified gold mines receive a guaranteed Minimum Price for their gold as well as an extra amount of money on top, called Fairtrade Premium, to spend on improving their businesses and community.

DesignYard's lab grown diamond rings are all made locally in Dublin by expert goldsmiths, thereby contributing to the hard hit local jewellery trade.

With a DesignYard lab grown diamond ring you can:

  • feel great about contributing to small business both locally and abroad
  • breathe easy, knowing you are contributing to ethical mining and manufacturing processes and enriching lives of small mining communities worldwide.
  • rest assured that your diamond is 100% conflict free.
  • get a stunning heirloom diamond ring to enjoy for a lifetime and more, without breaking the bank.

We like the idea that your lab grown diamond can be you and your fiance(e)'s your intimate little secret - no-one else will know!

Contact us to find out more and see our fabulous lab grown diamonds in person. We have finished rings, but also loose gems for you to design your own bespoke ring if you wish. Let us know what you are looking for and we can make sure to have a few comparable naturals for you to compare and contrast. Book your appointment with our diamond specialist to view lab grown diamonds here.

January 02, 2021 — Nicole van der Wolf