From its inception Niessing has stood for exquisite contemporary jewellery design. Based in Vreden, Germany, they make all their jewellery in-house: from design, to melting bars of gold, to finishing the piece. The Bauhaus principle of “form follows function” is the red line that connects all of their work, and is especially prominent in their Spannring collection.

Here the function of the pieces is to hold the gem securely by means of tension alone - not an easy feat considering gold is really very malleable. But Niessing has risen to the challenge and developed proprietary alloys with particular strength properties to suit the concept.

These phenomenal metals are married with innovative design and precision engineering. This often requires specialised production methods that lie far beyond the typical goldsmith’s bench tools. But in the pursuit of award winning contemporary design with challenging structural demands nothing is left to chance.

The end result? A timeless heart-stopping diamond ring that will mesmerise the wearer and anyone she comes across for a lifetime.

Niessing's original tension ring was designed and developed over 40 years ago and is a jewellery design icon. First seen in 1979 and under copyright since 2011, the Spannring Rund is still as popular as when it was first launched. Over the years Niessing has won numerous awards and now there are a range of 9 different tension rings - or “Spannring” as Niessing calls them. From chunky geometric designs through to curly iterations with a firm wink to elaborate rococo motifs, there is bound to be one that will capture your heart.

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February 24, 2022 — Nicole van der Wolf