As you slather on the sun cream and head out into the sun, sea or swimming pool, consider that some of your jewellery may lose some of its lustre. The sun and heat, along with chemicals in swimming pools and creams, may affect gems and metals in your favourite pieces.

Here are 5 tips for enjoying your jewellery this summer:

Tip 1 - Keep your silver jewellery out of the swimming pool. Chemicals that keep the water safe for our health may permanently damage surfaces and finishes of your silver jewellery. As an alternative consider wearing some striking oxidised silver jewellery, that has already been blackened.

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Tip 2 - Wear solid gold, rather than silver or gold plating. Gold is a non-reactive metal that is less susceptible to chemicals in sun cream and swimming pools than silver. Added bonus: the warm tones look great with sun kissed skin.

Gold Binoculo necklace by Josephine Bergsoe at DesignYard

Tip 3 - Remove your rings before going into the water. The cool water feels great on a hot day, but will also cool and shrink your fingers. And with the water acting as a lubricant, you will not be the first to lose a favourite ring. If you're travelling consider leaving your good jewellery in a secure safe and wearing a simpler alternative on your holidays.

Circle dot ring by Neeltje Slater at DesignYard

Tip 4 - Keep your jewellery with delicate gems - like pearls, coral, turquoise and wood - for evening wear when you won't be exposing the gems to heavy creams and the sun. Also remember to put your jewellery on last - after your post-sunbathing skincare/beauty routine, or perfumes.

Tip 5 - At the end of a hot day wash your jewellery with lukewarm soapy water to remove cream residue, beach grit and perspiration. Dry your jewellery with a soft cloth and store it in a plastic zip-bag, ideally with a little desiccant sachet if you have it.

Follow these tips and your jewellery will continue to shine for years of summer fun.

And in the unfortunate event that it has lost its lustre, pop in to us to see what we can do to restore your jewellery to its original shine. Book your appointment here.
June 24, 2021 — Nicole van der Wolf