Tennis bracelets are trending and we couldn't be more excited. First known as a diamond line bracelet, it appeared onto the jewellery scene in the Roaring 20’s as women wore them paired with their fanciest dresses, for the most elaborate parties and occasions. It wasn’t until 1978 that it became known as the tennis bracelet.

The catalyst? Seven-time World No. 1 women’s tennis player Chris Evert. She shocked fans and disrupted the jewellery industry by choosing to wear her precious bracelet during her matches. A trend that continues today with pro tennis players like Serena Williams seen on the court with the iconic design.

What is a tennis bracelet?

The tennis bracelet's simple and elegant beauty remains a coveted accessory. It is like an eternity band but for the wrist: a continuous series of well-matched diamonds, of equal size and colour, that wraps around the wrist. A classic tennis bracelet showcases an all-diamond look, with very little visible metal between each stone.

Another reason the versatile tennis bracelet remains popular is because it is simply so comfortable to wear. Each diamond is set in its own articulated setting, meaning the bracelet moves fluidly with the wearer as they go about their daily business, or even tennis match. It really is the only luxurious accessory that can so beautifully be worn for both formal events and casually.

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The most beautiful tennis bracelets are made with sparkly round brilliant cut diamonds and set in white gold or platinum, which enhances the sleek continuous effect. White metals are the best material to make the diamonds look as though they are floating on the wrist.

Tennis bracelets today

Effectively what Chris Evert did was to take a formal, classic piece of jewellery and catapult it to contemporary and casual stardom. From that point forward contemporary jewellery designers have embraced the favoured accessory and made it their own - introducing coloured gems, varying gem cuts and bezel settings into their bracelet designs.

Though white gold is the metal of choice, tennis bracelets set in warm gold metal tones are increasing in popularity amongst those looking for an alternative look. Bezel settings work well here to emphasize the warm tones. As the bezel settings give the impression of a larger diamond it allows the use of smaller diamonds - making the sought-after bracelets available at more accessible price points, without compromise on the overall luxurious look.

Another trend is the glamorous layered look - wearing multiple diamond line bracelets or mixing them with other bracelets. Try wearing two tennis bracelets of different sizes together for a classic look. For an alternative vibe layer a classic line bracelet with an emerald cut diamond bracelet. Or keep it casual and wear it with a gold link bracelet for a bohemian look.

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Diamonds, being as rare as they are, come at a price and thus a tennis bracelet can be a bit of an investment. We thought it is worth mentioning we can also use of lab grown diamonds in tennis bracelets - you get all the advantages of all the sparkle and durability of a natural diamond at a significantly softer price-point.

Whatever your style, DesignYard has a range of tennis bracelets available - from vintage to contemporary and of course a few classics. Book your appointment to see the collection in person.

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December 11, 2022 — Nicole van der Wolf