The Extra Ordinary Crucified for You!


Pigsy poses the question: Are you better off being ordinary and not having to deal with problems associated with being extraordinary? These problems include lack of privacy, an expectation from the public and all forms of negative attention, which has been exacerbated by the emergence of social media. From Jesus being crucified to the struggles of Elvis and Basquiat in more recent times – he wonders is the public that drives the mental issues that affect people in the spotlight or are they a trade off from the ability that they possess as performers. Pigsy also fears the prospect of becoming successful himself and instead of painting being a release it becomes a burden, where a certain level of “performance” is expected.

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Size and Dimensions:
75" x 57" x 1.5".
Note: This is a one off. Price shown is for pick up only. Please email for shipping details.

Shipping Information

Price shown is for pick up only. Please email for shipping details.


*As with all hand made pieces, each one is individual (like you). Expect some minor differences to the image due to the organic nature of the processes used in creating these wonderful pieces.


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