It’s a blustery day out and autumn is in full swing. We’re secretly looking forward to the holiday season and hot drinks by the fireplace. On that note we wanted to highlight one of our favourite gems for the festive season: Garnets. The rich red garnets glower mysteriously in warm low lighting conditions like candle-lit dinners and gatherings by an open fire.

Rivalling the more expensive red rubies in beauty and colour, garnets are also more readily available in larger sizes and are popular for carvings and intaglios. On the other end of the scale are the delicate bohemian garnet pieces composed of small fiery garnets so popular in the Victorian era.

 Sculpted navette garnet ring by Angela Hubel at DesignYard Contemporary Jewellery

Favoured by royalty and clergy throughout the ages, red garnet is one of the most common and widespread gems. But there are some rarer varieties that are well worth looking out for: the deep green Tsavorite garnet and sunny orange spessartine garnets for example.

Mandarin garnet drop earrings by Catherine Mannheim at designyard contemporary jewellery gallery dublin ireland

It might interest you to know that garnets are the birthstone for January and the stone for a second anniversary. Garnets are durable gems that are suitable for everyday wear and are sure to bring you many years of joy. Whether it’s a black tie event or a woolly jumpers gathering, DesignYard has a wide variety of garnet jewellery for you to consider.

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October 29, 2021 — Nicole van der Wolf