If you've been following our four-step strategy for organizing your jewellery collection, you should have a decluttered and beautifully organised jewellery wardrobe, a plan for repairs & replacements, and a great feeling about rehoming your old pieces.

Now it’s time to address those very special emotional pieces that you don’t wear.

Did you miss any of the previous steps? Here are links for Step One - Out with the old, Step Two - Curating your jewellery collection, and Step Three - Clearing the decks.

Guilt-free enjoyment

There are always pieces that have special meaning to you. Pieces that you are unlikely to wear (as in ever) but you want to keep as they are. In my case it's Oma's brooch and Grandma's bracelet.

I adore the idea of putting these special pieces on display for you to enjoy every day. Let’s face it, they are really more like special memories and would sit well mixed in with family photos and memorabilia. Rather than feeling guilty about not wearing them, get these pieces out of your jewellery box and put them on display for everyone to enjoy.

Oma's brooch and Grandma's bracelet on display with their pictures.

Have a look at these display ideas:

  • Display in a box frame with your photos
  • Memory box for your wall

A deep box frame gives you loads of room to add photos and items related to your special person. They can sit quietly on your dresser between other photos as shown here.

Or, make your special pieces stand out by creating a memory box and mount it on a wall or add it to your picture wall. You can get quite creative with these - we'd love to see your ideas!

This wall mountable memory box has a glass front and holds my daughters christening gifts.

A very bespoke treat

Another great way to enjoy this jewellery, is to convert them into a new bespoke piece that is perfect for you.

It could be as simple as converting a brooch to a pendant, or maybe combining gems from several pieces in a modern setting. You could also consider using the precious metals and gems to create something entirely unique.

It allows you to capture the special memories into something that you are likely to wear and enjoy, for example a look at Shimell and Madden’s bespoke lifeline brooch.

To start your bespoke piece simply book an appointment to discuss the possibilities for your special piece(s). Bring in your cherished piece(s) along with your collection of precious metal bits and pieces you set aside in Step 1. There is value in these pieces and we can likely use them too.

We can start your remodelling project(s) at any time, but if you have a particular date in mind it is wise to start the project approximately 3 months in advance to allow for a well thought out design and execution.

We hope you've enjoyed the series and can put our tips to work for you! If you have any questions feel free to get in touch, we are happy to help. You can reach us on the chat on our website, or send us an email / book an appointment here

December 29, 2020 — Nicole van der Wolf