Monika Yakubec is fascinated with exploring new methods of construction. Her endless curiosity and experimentation lead to fresh, colourful and bold statement pieces. In her studio in Munich, she creates beautiful, portable objects that are carefully sculpted to form a harmonious unity with the person who wears them - a flattering companion rather than a decorative accessory.

Starting with basic geometric shapes like cones, balls, cylinders, and tubes, she creates fascinating pieces in precious silver and gold. Some of her jewellery comes to fruition by combining multiple shapes or repetition of a particular shape to create interesting patterns. Oftentimes she bravely breaks through the basic shapes to spectacular effect. Her work is always bold, characterized by clean lines, and never fails to impress.

Monika Jakubec uses colourful resins to accentuate her designs and highlight the unusual construction methods. In her work, the resin is both decorative and structural - creating bodies of warm, colourful and lightweight resin wrapped in cool, reflective, and solid precious metals. The transparent resins add a three-dimensional element to her work, sometimes acting as a window to the wearer, for example in her cone and oval rings.

Monika loves to play with colour and she makes her own pigments to colour her resins. She works with a wide range of transparent and solid colours and mixes the colours in small batches as and when she needs them. They allow her to play with texture and light, for example in her gorgeous pendants which reflect light back through the resin making the colours sing out.

Monika Jakubec exhibits at important craft fairs around the world like Inhorgenta, (Munich), Sieraad (Amsterdam), and the ‘Craft Show’ at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (USA).

We’re delighted to have her work in our permanent collection in Dublin - simply book an appointment to see Monika’s work and browse the full range of colours in her colour chart. You can put your own spin on a piece by choosing your own colour or colour combination. We can’t wait to see what colour combinations you come up with!

July 22, 2020 — Nicole van der Wolf