Shimell And Madden - design/goldsmith duo based in London - has a very distinctive style. We are smitten by their complex layered geometric designs and signature finishes and we are delighted to see many of our customers agree!

But did you know they are also available for bespoke work? Continue reading to see what they can do.

Shimell & Madden had a customer who loved their style and wanted to rework her own jewellery into a more modern piece. Each piece of jewellery marked a special event in her life or was a gift from a special person, so each one carried much meaning for her. She wanted to be able to wear all her memories in one piece.

Customer's sentimental jewellery

She contacted Shimell & Madden for ideas and they showed her a number of possibilities for a contemporary brooch.

Once the client selected her favourite design Shimell and Madden started by removing all the gems from the customer's jewellery and creating new settings for the gems.

Next step was to assemble the settings and add claws to hold the gems in place. I am always fascinated by how ugly and messy the jewellery gets in the middle of the process, before emerging as a precious jewel.

The last steps involve adding the brooch fittings, applying the surface textures, and finally set the gems.

What a stunning way to carry her memories with her every day!

Are you interested in remodelling your jewellery or commissioning a bespoke design? Read up on the process here, or book an appointment to get the ball rolling on your special piece.

August 19, 2020 — Nicole van der Wolf