We’re excited to introduce you to our new partner Sentinel Vaults. Only a hop, skip, and jump away from Designyard, Sentinel Vaults is Ireland’s first and only independent safe deposit box facility located inside an original bank vault.

To celebrate the new partnership you can avail of 5% off your choice of safe deposit box (any size). Just mention the code DESIGNYARD BOX to receive your special offer with Sentinel Vaults.

Continue reading to find out more about Sentinel Vaults and why you might consider a safe deposit box.

Safe and sound with Sentinel Vaults

Security and access are front and centre at of Sentinel Vaults. It is the only safe deposit box facility in Ireland that is certified, registered and accredited. Sentinel Vaults have passed strict due diligence and compliance to operate as custodians of safekeeping. Private secure parking is also complimentary.

The original bank vault has been upgraded to a level six security system. It is manned with highly trained professional staff and monitored 24/7 by CHUBB Security. Their city centre location, VIP parking facilities, and convenient 7 day a week opening hours, mean you have easy and immediate access to your valuables. Contact Sentinel Vaults today on 01-667 8370 to find out about their safe deposit box sizes, pricing, and second-to-none facilities.

Here's why a safe deposit box is a good idea.

Placing high value items in a safe deposit box, is a quick way to save money on your home insurance fees. In addition to keeping your valuables safe from theft, items stored in a safe deposit box are also safe from fire and water damage.

A safe deposit box is perfect for storing important paperwork, valuables that you don’t use often, or storing all your valuables while you’re away on holidays or business travel. Rather than having them in the house and worrying about whether or not you locked the bathroom window while you’re away, give yourself some peace of mind by storing your valuables in a safe deposit box.

Sentinel Vaults offers a full range of safe deposit boxes suitable for storing items like jewellery, artwork, data storage devices and important paperwork. Contact Sentinel Vaults today on 01-667 8370 to find out more. Remember to mention the code DESIGNYARD BOX to avail of our special offer of 5% off your choice of safe deposit box (any size).

Keeping your valuables safe at home

Here are a few handy tips on what you can do to keep your valuables safe whilst you are using them at home:

Make sure your home insurance is up to date and that all your valuables are listed on your insurance - remember to update your insurance as you add valuables to your collection. If your insurance costs are getting spicy, you might want to consider a safe deposit box to help reduce insurance fees.

Home safes get expensive quickly and unfortunately are unlikely to stop a professional burglar. We think you’ll find that an off-site safe deposit box in Sentinel Vault is a more secure and cost effective option. That said, using a simple anchored safe at home, might keep your valuables out of reach of the opportunistic thief, even if it is unlikely to stop a professional burglar.

Make sure your house looks like hard work to a burglar. Here are a number of visual clues that help make your house a tough target:

  • Install an alarm and make sure you set it always, whether you’re just out on errands or away for longer.
  • Join your neighbourhood watch program.
  • Invest in quality locks on your doors and windows.
  • Install window restrictors, so they can’t be opened wide enough for someone to climb in.

If you’re away for a few days (or longer) make sure your house looks like you’re home:

  • Leave your curtains and blinds open.
  • Leave a little bit of mess in your front room, for example an empty mug, an open book and a pair of reading glasses on your coffee table, or some clean dishes in your drying rack on the counter top.
  • Use timers on your (porch) lights and a radio or tv to help make it look like you’re home .
  • Arrange for someone to collect your post and maybe park in your driveway.
  • If you’re away for a longer spell place your valuable ceramics, glass art, or small sculptures out of immediate sight to avoid temptation.
  • Consider placing your valuables in a safe deposit box for complete peace of mind.

You’ll find more suggestions for keeping your valuables safe on Sentinel Vault’s website. Contact Sentinel Vaults today on 01-667 8370 with any questions you may have.

September 15, 2020 — Nicole van der Wolf