At DesignYard we’re delighted to introduce you to Brummé jewellery and the force behind the highly coveted statement jewellery: Christina Brummet. Her ideas are bountiful, but she only produces a few pieces a year and we are honoured to present you a small collection of her work. Continue reading to find out about what drives Christina and her stunning pieces.

From an early age Christina is exposed to the wonders of the world. Her father worked on a super tanker and would return bringing her gifts from his long travels. Her exposure to the exotic formed her lifelong curiosity for the wider world around her. It is no great surprise that she finds herself surrounded by artists, sculptors and musicians, as friends, acquaintances and colleagues all her life.

Her professional path started with a passion for design and architecture, and eventually settled into a career in orthodontics. Interestingly it is during her orthodontics training that she begins to learn about jewellery, antiques and art and becomes an avid visitor of exhibitions, museums, cathedrals and historical places. As she says herself she developed “a habit of walking through the streets with my eyes open” and over time she's gathered an immense mental library of impressions, which she draws on for inspiration in her jewellery.

Christina follows her own path when it comes to her designs, seeking out the most unusual gems and materials, and experimenting with metals and techniques, placing far less emphasis on the financial aspects of her practice.

"My jewellery is a part of me, and I’m not one for dresses with frills"

Nevertheless it is important to Christina that her exquisite, bold creations create stir and her sophisticated designs are anything but minimal. Each little work of art carries an imaginative title and has a bigger story to tell.

Her collection is characterised by linearity, angularity and geometry, and every Brummé piece shows her love of the Roaring Twenties. The exuberance of the period shines through in the uncompromising scale and style of her jewellery.

Behind these bold pieces stands a very approachable and sincere lady who loves to hear people’s opinions of her work. Engaging with people over her designs fuels her drive to create more remarkable jewellery. Would you like a closer look at Brummé jewellery? Book an appointment with us to see these marvels in person.

October 14, 2020 — Nicole van der Wolf