We're delighted to tell you about Vanessa Ree and Nicole van der Wolf's experiences at Sieraad Art Fair in Amsterdam this May. The fair is a fantastic platform for contemporary jewellery artists from around the world to showcase their work. The variety of materials used, from high-end gold and silver jewellery to alternative materials like boldly coloured silicone sponges and beach plastics, highlights the diverse range of artistic expressions within the field.

Sponge earrings by Bego Fuentes


a8k gold and amethyst tendril necklace

The edgy venue is a former gasworks building called the Westergas Fabriek. Its round shape and exposed steel structures and brickwork provide an interesting setting for the exhibition, complementing the edgy contemporary nature of the artwork. The fair attracts a wide range of visitors, including jewellery enthusiasts, students, art collectors, and gallerists, creating a dynamic and engaged audience for the artists.

Collaboration and exchange of information among exhibitors is a significant aspect of the fair. For small makers like Vanessa and Nicole, who often work in isolation, the opportunity to connect with other makers and discuss ideas and challenges is invaluable. It fosters a sense of community and support among artists and allows for the sharing of knowledge and solutions.


The direct feedback from the informed audience at Sieraad is also highly beneficial. It not only provides validation for the artists' work but also sparks new ideas for future development. The different preferences of the Dutch public compared to Irish customers demonstrate the diversity of tastes and interests across different regions. 

Model wears Shipshape necklace and drop earrings at designyard contemporary jewellery gallery dublin ireland
Model wears 3D Hastag Positive pendnat by Vanessa Ree

DesignYard plays a crucial role in supporting small makers like Vanessa and Nicole. By showcasing their work and helping raise their profile, DesignYard helps connect these talented artists with a sophisticated customer base. The continuous effort to find new and creative ways to bring attention to the exemplary work of these makers reflects DesignYard's dedication to supporting the contemporary jewellery community.

It's inspiring to hear that Nicole and Vanessa are back at their benches in Dublin and Kildare, restocking sold items and planning their next ventures abroad. Their experience at Sieraad has undoubtedly enriched their artistic journeys and will undubtably influence their future creations. With the ongoing support of DesignYard and the engagement of their customers, these talented makers can continue to thrive and contribute to the world of contemporary jewellery.

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June 07, 2023 — Ronan Campbell