Her instagram hashtag #diamondsareforpirates says it all really - at once roguish and romantic Josephine Bergsoe’s asymmetric organic designs are edgy yet delicate. Conjuring up imagery of pirates’ treasure chests spilling with precious metals and riches of the sea and shore, she mixes a variety of precious metals, baroque pearls and precious gems to create a range of luxurious and quirky jewellery.

Ranging from fine stackable rings, through to broad statement rings, her ring designs wrap around the fingers like sweet tendrils or is it the tentacles of deep sea creatures? In contrast her Halle Berry ring evokes images of gem studded plate armour different yet equally mesmerizing!

We also love her mix and match earrings! Create your own ear-game with her singles and play with shape, colour and extreme asymmetry. The latest addition are her ear cuffs and spiral earrings, but we still adore her exquisite shoulder-duster with quirky gold bows.

Josephine’s Memento Mori necklaces take a somewhat morbid theme and give it an utterly feminine twist - delightfully detailed carved skulls in soft pink coral accented with diamonds and presented on elegant long chains. Or maybe you prefer her opulent baroque pearl and diamond necklaces. They are beautifully balanced compositions of unique gems and precious metals on long chains, which will lift even the simplest outfit to a whole new level.

Whether you opt for a pair of her quietly bold seafire earrings or go with one of her superb statement rings, each piece is handmade in Denmark and tells a unique story. Would you like to find out more about the maker? Have a look at our earlier interview with Josephine here.

October 01, 2020 — Nicole van der Wolf