Warm summer weather brings short sleeves and sun-kissed skin. It is the perfect time to accessorize your wrist. Like a perfume, a lovely bracelet or bangle makes an impression - it accentuates your movements and brings life to your conversations on long summer evenings. Here are the most popular styles explained.


Bracelets are typically flexible and have a clasp - they are usually made of chain links, articulated elements, or other flexible material and are worn close to the lower wrist. Because of its flexibility the bracelet is often considered the most comfortable to wear. Bracelets may be quite subtle and made of fine chains, or they can be quite bold with a large link allowing for adding charms and gems. An alternative is the articulated bracelet - like a classic diamond tennis bracelet.




Bangles are typically made as a rigid shape and need to be large enough to pass over the hand in one piece. As a result they often sit lower on the hand than a bracelet. They are typically round, though oval shapes are also popular. They range from broad statement bangles, to very slim ones often worn in multiples. Wearing multiple bracelets or full charm bracelets often adds an element of sound as the bangles or charms bump off each other like a sweet chime.


Hinged Bangle

An alternative to the bangle is the hinged bangle. Made in two parts it is connected by a hinge on one side and a clasp on the opposite end, allowing it to open for donning and removing. They are often made to fit closer to the wrist than a solid bangle and often sider to accommodate the hinge and clasp.


Cuff Bracelet

Another popular style is the cuff bracelet - a rigid bracelet with a permanent opening at the back. The opening should be snug to the wearer's wrist to prevent it coming off. The cuff bracelet is generally oval shaped and the closer it fits to the wrist the better. Cuff bracelets are typically wide, and are sometimes worn higher up on the wrist.

So there you have it - solid or flexible, fine or bold, there are many options to choose to create your perfect summer look. Book an appointment to view bracelets and bangles at DesignYard.

June 17, 2024 — Nicole van der Wolf